My Rights or My Needs? Sunday, Jan 20 2008 


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I’m doing some self-assessment in to determine whether to have interpreters for private medical office visits.


How deficit thinking can hurt us. Monday, Jan 7 2008 

Today is really a difficult day for me. I allowed myself to become a victim of the deficit thinking in blog world.

Lately, I have been reading some of your blogs and discussions about improving the deaf culture, how we should step aside from our personal differences and work together on the common issues. I was very thrilled to see the type of activity within these vloggers/bloggers.

I talked to some people about the activity within DeafRead (vloggers/bloggers) how they have raise the brainstorming, ideology, and issues within Deaf Culture. They warned me not to jump in this because of deficit thinking. I thought otherwise because I notice there are lot changes in these v/blogs lately. Your v/blogs have become more intelligent and debatable.

I decided to share you my passion to promote the advocacy of Deaf rights. Also try to find some ways where we can become more respected community in America. I hoped to engage some good discussions with you all. When I began to, I noticed I am getting comfortable to discuss the various issues involving Deaf Culture.

Today, I became the victim of deficit thinking. I tried to get myself out of it. I couldn’t. I had to defend my character because I fought so hard to get where I am. It ‘s really hard. Especially what I have started in this blog. I wanted to discuss many issues that will improve our perception of Deaf culture.

With these petty behaviors we are doing to each other is really appalling. Some of my friends showed me how most of bloggers write their articles (posts), the language they used… “I do not want to provoke, but…”, “I am not sure, but do you think…”, “NOTE: … academically recognized one – just my musings.”, and many many more. They pointed it out; most of you bloggers are scared to share your issues willingly.  It shows us that we are tiptoeing on a fine-thin ice in a pool of sharks. Poor all of you, I hope you do not get to experience what I just experienced. F.Y.I., It’s not pleasant experience.

Gosh, how can we ever settle our differences and focus on larger issues if we resort to these petty behaviors? It’s like we are SOOO ready for Martin Luther King Jr,’s dream, NOT! It’s because we are so below from these respected individuals who can discuss any issues in professional/respectable way when we resort to these petty behaviors such as crab-theory, stabbing, twisting, and what god knows. (This paragraph is a definitely an example of deficit-thinking!)

Like I said earlier, I admitted I became a victim in deficit thinking. I want to make things right by taking the action to end the deficit thinking. I’ve decided that I do not want to continue this (deficit thinking) any more; therefore, I will not continue addressing these people who practice deficit thinking to try solving things publicly. I will not post any deficit-thinking comments made by people (and myself included.). I will not waste my time doing these petty behaviors. It’s not helping us. So, what I am going to do, is to continue fighting for Deaf Rights elsewhere. Something I can contribute to my time better and  wisely when I fight for Deaf Rights.

I hope you will get involved in advocacy of Deaf Rights. It’s a great feeling and rewarding for yourself and the future of Deaf community. I look forward to see you at the rally some day!  🙂