Branching out from Deaf community to your hometown’s community. (Subtitled) Thursday, Feb 28 2008 


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Branching out from Deaf community to your hometown’s community

Note: In this vlog, I decided to give subtitle a shot. I admit, I find this process challenging.


(Also, I look forward to your opinions!)


Google Yourself — Enjoy it! (How tight knit Deaf community is!!!) Wednesday, Feb 13 2008 

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Suggestion for NAD Friday, Feb 8 2008 

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President Scoggins & NAD Board,

Beautiful!! Well written letter!!!

Since AGBell had posted their public letter to PepsiCo at their website, they made quite contemning ASL users. Surely enough, they (AGBell & PepsiCo) heard a lot of comments from the ASL Community against their public letter to PepsiCo, AGBell suddenly removed their public letter from their website.

I wonder, will NAD going to write another letter, asking AGBell is going to retract their public letter to PepsiCo and the community publicly?

We need to make sure AGBell publicly retract their message to ASL community and everyone else (including PepsiCo) for their untruly actions toward ASL community.

We do not want AGBell just to remove their letter and did nothing afterwards. This action itself implies their (AGBells) intent still stand.

If we allow AGBell do nothing further after removing their public letter from their website, we are allowing AGBell win over us in this issue because they are actually pretending we are insignificant group of people. They are actually continuing to promote the negativeness attitude toward ASL. This issue with PepsiCo (the letter) still continues to linger in our community. The community will believe AGBell still stand on their ground regardless our responses to AGBell/PepsiCo.

So, I may suggest NAD to consider and draft another letter encouraging AGBell to write a retract letter to PepsiCo and the community.

Well written letter, and GREAT Vlog!!!

Respectfully submitted,

-Sean Gerlis

Staying Calm in Crazed World Thursday, Feb 7 2008 


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