Recently, I attended a party. I was in a room filled with Deaf Ph.Ds, it was awkward feeling but at the same time; it was thrilling experience.

It is amazing to see how much Deaf members of the community evolved in last 30 years. I wonder will they (Deaf PhDs) ever put a good use to their credentials?

Will they start to write articles, books, informative group sessions to promote the awareness of Deaf Culture, ASL as language, Early invention for Deaf children, How would medical industry are trying to do with our children, Accessibility, and much more and to publish their work?

The more they do this, the more hearing people will look up their work as their sources. Their work will raise the bar in the society onto perception on Deaf Culture, Deaf Community, and Deaf People.

This will make huge impact how they (hearing) evaluate, teach, refer the parents of Deaf Children into the world of knowledge with Deaf Children. These hearing professionals will use our Deaf professionals’ work as their credible sources.

Now, it is the time for everyone to look up any references about Deaf issues (medical, culture {language, customs, norms, & values}, education, sociology, etc.) with accurate resources built by our DEAF DOCTORATES.

Now, I ask you, you (specific Deaf ppl) with PhDs, will you use your credentials to promote our community into next level?